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Salim Issa LittlePoP


Salim Issa (b. 1973 in Prague), graduate of the photography studio of prof. Pavel Štecha at VŠUP, currently works as a freelance photographer in the area of fashion, documentary “life style” photography. He is famous foremost as a creator working in tandem with Štěpánka Stein. These two creators are among those well renowned today and are among the distinguished photographers of the contemporary Czech art scene (projects Beauty/Fashion (1998), Mimolimit (2000), Family (2001), Magion (2001), Space Cowboys (2002), Karlín (2004), Czechmania (2004), New Castle (2005), Národní divadlo (2006). They have the received awards and grants: (Inter Camera (1996), Czech Press Photo (1999–2003, 2006), Czech Grand Design (2007)).

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